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Appetizers Fresh fish pepper soup (Fillet or whole)          $12.99 Goat pepper soup (Intestine, stomach and legs) $6.99  Fried Peppered Gizzards (chicken)       $5.99 Fried peppered goat (chopped cubes w/bones) $6.99 Meat Pie (ground beef w/vegetables       $1.99  Sausage Roll(made with turkey meat       $1.99 Chin Chin (sweet and crunchy)       $1.99                          Rice Dishes  Served with fried plantain with your choice of meat or fish                        1. White Rice    $15.99 2. Jolloff Rice (Rice cooked w/tomatoes, peppers, onions and                   spices)   $15.99 3. Fried Rice (Rice cooked with vegetables and spices) $15.99 4. Jollof rice and plantain only     $9.99 5. Fried rice and plantain only     $10.99 Beans Dishes  1. Moi Moi (ground beans w/eggs, meat, fish and spices)        $5.99 2. Beans + fried plantain w/choice of meat or fish                $15.99  3. Beans, rice and fried plantain with choice of meat or fish $18.99 4. Beans + fried plantain only                         $9.99                                      Soups All soups are served with your choice of Pounded Yam (yam flour), Eba (gari),  Amala (yam flour), or rice Stew (available everyday)                        $15.99 (thick red sauce made with tomatoes, peppers, onions, light oil and other spices w/your choice of meat or fish Efo Riro vegetable soup (available everyday )              $15.99 (Spinach cooked with mushrooms, peppers, light palm oil and spices w/ your choice of meat or fish Okra Soup (available Monday)                      $15.99 (Okra / spinach cooked with peppers, light palm oil and spices w/your choice of meat and fish. Egusi Soup (every Tuesday)                    $17.99 (egusi – melon seeds cooked with bitter leaf and spinach ,  peppers, light palm oil and spices w/your choice of meat or fish Ogbono/apon ( every Wednesday                   $15.99 (Ogbono seeds cooked with spinach and a touch of bitter leaf, light palm oil, peppers and spices w/your choice of meat or fish Edikaikon: Vegetable Soup (every Thursday)              $17.99 vegetable leaves, light palm oil, peppers, mushroom, and spices w/your choice of meat or fish. Ofe Nsala soup white soup (Available upon request)   $15.99 Cooked with no oil choice of meat or fish, light vegetables, peppers and spices. Stock fish or dried fish only with any available soup   $19.99 Fresh fish whole or fillet with any available soup         $17.99 SOUP OF THE DAY: Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Ask for availability of your choice of soups. KIDS’ MEAL                                                                         $9.99 Jollof Rice or White Rice w/Chicken, fried plantain and your choice of apple/orange juice/soda. ***Isi-ewu  (Spicy Goat head)*** (Every Friday)               $25.00 Chopped-up goat head cooked with potash, Nigerian herbs, pepper, sprinkled vegetable leaves, light-palm oil and garnished with onions. SELECTION OF MIXED MEATS Chicken & goat Chicken and Beef Goat and Beef Chicken only Cow foot only Goat and Tripe Cow-foot and Tripe Cow-foot and Goat NOTE: $2.50 ADDITIONAL FOR ALL GOAT MEAT OR ALL BEEF.       $2.50 ADDITIONAL FOR SIDE OF FISH(fillet) Meats Goat, chicken, cow foot, shaki (tripe), kpomo (cow skin) and beef. Fish Stock fish, dry fish, fresh fish (tilapia), whole or fillet EXTRAS Stock fish                     $9.99 Dried fish                      $9.99 Ball of: Pounded yam/ Amala/ Eba           $3.00 Side of chicken or fish(fillet) or beef or goat (1) $2.50 Extra sauce or soup (dinning only)           $2.50 Side of Chopped Okro           $2.50 Whole Fried Fish (tilapia)                                   $9.99 Side of plantain (7 pieces)                                  $2.50 Fried Rice (Only)                                                $6.99    Jollof Rice (Only)                                               $5.99 White Rice (Only)                                              $4.99 Side of Kpomo (Cowskin)                                   $5.00 Party Trays At least 6 hours’ notice required Please ask manager for more details Great for all occasion (Small trays) White Rice $20.00 Jollof Rice   $30.00  Fried Rice w/vegetables  $40.00 Fried Rice w/vegetables & shrimps  $55.00 Chicken      $45.00 Plantain      $30.00 Beans        $40.00 Fried Fish w/or without sauce $50.00 Mixed Meats       $60.00 Beef      $65.00 Goat      $85.00 Large trays are also available with pre-arrangement with the manager as price varies. Catering for any event is also available. Dessert    Ice Crème               $2.50 Beverages **************VEGETARIAN DISHES****************** WHETHER YOU ARE A VEGETARIAN OR JUST TRYING TO EAT LESS MEAT, totos’ AFRICAN CUISINE CAN PREPARE YOU A PHENOMENAL AND SENSATIONAL VEGE-DISHES.  ANY OF OUR SOUP CAN BE MADE MEATLESS. **************DELVERY****************** Minimum order of $50.00 with a charge
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