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You can pratically feel the warm breath of the grain and plantain in your face as you taste these great celebration dishes both based on rice and  the exotic array of spices synonymous with Nigerian jolloff rice stewed with tomatoes, onions, and pepper. No matter how you dice it, Jolloff rice is the culinary highlight for the indigents and many visitors to Nigeria.


There are all sort of variations on Egusi soup, ranging from humble vegetable assemblages, bitter leaf to more complex ones cooked with grounded mellon seeds and incorporating assorted meats, stock fish, dried fish and whatever your humble desire is. Egusi tend to be a one port dish generously spiced with pepper, onions and light palm oil. For good and complete taste of authentic soup, try with pounded yam (fufu), Amala or Eba, you will never regret it. And by the way white rice, Jolloff rice or Fried rice also goes along with Egusi soup.


this is a distinct regional soup. Ask any Nigerian, especially from East, West or South about a favorite comfort traditional OGBONO / APON, and choices are he or she will exclaim 'ezeoku' in Ibo language or 'Yee-pa' in Yoruba or 'Wahla' in Cameroun technically means 'they have arrived' without hesitation. This well loved soup is cooked with differnt type of African ingredients including the aromatic palm oil, pepper, onion and beater-leaf, this is complemented again with fresh succulent pounded yam or your choice of Amala or Eba.


As it is commonly said in Nigeria "A good Edikaikon can send a Calaba man into a raptures and it is also rich and popular all over Nigerian community locally and abroad. much as we have in other Nigerian soups, Edikaikon often accompanied by mountain of different vegetables and natural spiced leafs and are now much loved source of protein. it is deliciously cooked with light oil as usual, mushroom, grounded or chopped dried fish and some times with stock fish and or possibly with fresh fish. Don't pick up a fork to devour your Edikaikon, the traditional and customary method to eat this vegetable soup is always comfortable eaten with your hand along side with your choice of Pounded yam, Eba or Amala by dipping or rolling it in the accompanying vegetable soup.


This is a national dish of Nigeria and the treasure classical of the East to West and all the way to the South. The nation's most popular soup in every household. A beloved classical of home cooking with spinach (vegetable), pepper, palm oil, onion and other African spices. This soup undoubtedly eats alongside with Amala and sometime Pounded Yam or Eba. To drive yourself closer to home with Okra soup are the mixture of assorted meat called 'Ori- si-risi' by the Yorubas or fish.


Another quintessential dish of the West and South of Nigeria. If you want a taste of what ordinary Westerners and Southerners of the country eat at home you can not go wrong with Efo-riro, a nourishing vegetable dish cooked with light oil, cray-fish, and sometime with stock fish, pepper, onion. Again, without a doubt, Eba, Pounded Yam and/or Amala are always eatable with Efo-riro at anytime.


One dish/soup that is pre-chritianity and pre-islamic and probably as old as our culture in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is our traditional soup of the famous Eastern side of the nation - Nigeria Mother-land. Specialist in customarily village mother cooked this particular soup with coco-yam, choice of dried fish +/- stock fish or fresh fish, pepper and spices of different herbs. Ofe-onugbe, even though cooked with coco-yam, you stand a better chance of eating this soup with either Pounded yam or Amala and possibly Eba. 
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